Downloading New Seclore Documents

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Depending on the security settings of the project, files downloaded from Firmex may be using Seclore document protections. We are updating the service that opens these documents, and on July 23rd, documents that were downloaded before the update (“legacy documents”) will no longer open.

What does this mean?

It is recommended to do the following before July 23rd:

  1. Ensure you have installed the New Seclore App
  2. Login to Firmex VDR to download new versions of your files 


How do I download a new version of a file?

If you still have access to the documents, you can login to Firmex VDR and download files as you normally would. The newly downloaded files will now open with our new document protection service. 


How can I tell if I have a new version of a file?

When you open the document, you should see the new Login page that says Seclore Login below the Firmex Logo:


The legacy version of the document would bring you to a login page that says "Legacy Seclore Login" instead.  


What if I don’t know where the documents originally came from?

Please contact Firmex Support for assistance. 


What happens if I don’t download new versions of my documents before the legacy service is shut down?

Your legacy documents will no longer open past July 23rd. You will only be able to open new versions of your documents, which you can download at any time from your VDR (as long as you continue to have permission to access them).  Alternatively, you can continue to view any of your documents online in the Firmex Viewer.  


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