Troubleshooting the New Seclore Application

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Ensure Seclore is installed


You are presented with the following message when you open a document:

This is a protected document and requires a plug-in to view it



  1. The Seclore plugin has not been installed OR
  2. Files are not being associated with Seclore properly OR
  3. The file is being opened in a browser instead of the native application (Adobe Acrobat, Excel, or Word)


  1. Search for Seclore in your list of installed programs on your computer (Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features). 
  2. If it does not appear
    Install the Seclore Plugin from this page.
    If it does appear
    Continue to Repair file association below. 
  3. Ensure that you are opening the file with the correct application and not the browser
    1. To do this is in Windows, right-click the file and choose Open with the red lock icon:


Repair file association


The Seclore plug-in has been successfully installed, but protected documents are opening with the message:

This is a protected document and requires a plug in to view it.


Protected files are not being associated with the Seclore application.


Follow these steps to repair the installation of Seclore on a Windows PC:

  1. Close all Adobe and Microsoft Office applications
  2. Click on the Seclore icon in your computer's system tray (the system tray is in the bottom right-hand corner of your display)
  3. Click Repair Installation
  4. Try opening the protected document again

Note: If this does not resolve the issue, you can right click the document on your computer and click the function to force the document to open in Seclore.


The install Wizard was interrupted before Seclore could be completely installed


During the installation, you receive a message that Seclore could not be completely installed:


An older version of Seclore or FileSecure Lite (our legacy DRM application) was already installed.


Follow the uninstall instructions, then re-install the new Seclore app. 


"Unable to connect to Policy Server" error message


When opening a protected document, you are presented with the following message:

Unable to connect to Policy Server


The Seclore plug-in is not able to communicate with the Firmex servers.


Ensure that you are connected to the internet. If your internet connection is functioning properly, please give the following firewall details to your IT Administrator:

All Firmex applications should be open on ports 80 (http) and 443 (https). Please ensure that any restrictions to * are removed from your firewall. Specifically, the site, and https://(clientname) should be allowed through the firewall or proxy.

Once firewall access has been given, try opening the document again.

If you are still experiencing issues, please contact Firmex Support.

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