Using the FileSend Manager

You must be a Firmex FileSend Administrator to manage account settings. Please contact your account representative.

The FileSend Manager allows Administrators to manage all of the users in their FileSend account. With the FileSend Manager, you can:

To access the FileSend Manager

  1. Click on your profile name at the top right of FileSend
  2. Choose Manage Account

Using the FileSend Manager


To add users to your account

  1. Click the blue Add Users button
  2. Enter the user's email address and choose their status . You may add multiple users at once by placing a comma (,) between email addresses. You may also copy and paste a list of email addresses separated by a comma.
  3. Click Add
  4. An email will automatically be sent to the users with instructions on how to activate their account


To edit a user's details

  1. Click the drop-down menu next to the user's name
  2. Choose Edit User
  3. Update the user's profile information, then Save Changes


To Change a user's status

  1. Click on the user's current status
  2. Choose the new status


To Resend an invitation

If a user has not been Verified yet (has not logged in yet), you can resend their invitation. You may also need to resend an invitation if a user's activation has expired. The Verified column in the user list will indicate whether a user has successfully logged in.

To resend a user's invitation:

  1. Click the drop-down menu next to the user's name
  2. Choose Resend Invite


User Account Status

 The chart below outlines the permissions of user accounts in FileSend

User Account Status Log In Receive Transfers Send Transfers Manage Profile Settings & Users
No Access x x x x
Receive x x
Send/Receive x


What counts towards a user license?

Users with a status of Send/Receive or Send/Receive/Admin counts towards your user license limit. Users with a status of Receive or No Access do not count towards your user license limit.

If you'd like to remove a user, you can set their status to Receive.

If you have any questions regarding your user license limit, please reach out to to your account representative.

A user with the status of No Access cannot send or receive transfers.