October 2016 Product Update

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In this release Firmex delivers more ease when transferring large data, updates the Export Directory report with additional information, and improves functionality with bulk downloads.

Document Exchange for Desktop

The Document Exchange for Desktop is an alternative for users to upload or download large folders and documents directly from or to a user’s computer. It is now available for all users.

The Desktop tool is a native application installed on Windows or OS X systems. Features include:

  • Supports uploads larger than 3GB
  • Ability to pause and resume an upload or download at anytime
  • No need for an HTML5 compliant web browser or the installation of Java to upload and download from your desktop

Learn more about the Firmex Document Exchange for Desktop.

Updated Export Directory Report

Four new fields are available to the Export Directory Report: Date Added, Date Modified, Is Offline, and Complete Folder Path. Filtering reports with these added fields provides more options to Administrators when gathering information about folders and documents stored in the project.

Avoid Duplicate Downloads

When a bulk download is being processed, Firmex will now alert and prevent the user from requesting a second identical download of the same data. Any further requests with different options or different content will be processed as always.

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