Request files using FileSend

AFirmex FileSend lets you request files from users without the limitations of email and with the same control and monitoring of a data room.

To request a file transfer from users

    1. Click the drop-down menu next to Share Files and choose Request Files.
    2. Enter a subject for your transfer in the Subject field.
    3. Type your recipient’s email address in the Recipients field and then press the Enter/Return key on your keyboard. Your transfer may contain multiple recipients. Note: Your recipients will not see each other.
    4. Enter an optional message in the Message field.
    5. Toggle the settings of your transfer. You may:
      • Upload Only - If off, recipients can upload and download files added by other recipients.
        If on, recipients can only upload files to the transfer. They cannot view, download, or even view the filenames of files that are shared, including their own.

        By default Upload Only is turned off, meaning users can access other recipient's uploads in the transfer. 

    • Expire Access - When you create the request, you have the option of expiring the transfer after 7 or 14 days. After this date, users will no longer have the ability to upload files to the request or access uploaded files. To change the expiry date after you've sent the request, go to your Sent transfers, and click the Settings tab.


Users will be required to log into FileSend in order to upload documents, or they may reply to the request via email. If they don't have a Firmex Filesend account, they will automatically be prompted to create one.

Uploading requested files

If you've been requested to upload files, you'll receive an email notification regarding the request.

You can upload the requested files in two ways:

Reply to the email, attaching the requested files

  1. Open the request email.
  2. Reply to the request email and attach the requested file.
    Note: Your email server file size limit will apply (e.g. 15MB).

Upload files through Firmex FileSend

  1. Open the request email.
  2. Click Upload Files.
  3. Log in to Firmex FileSend or create a FileSend account.
  4. Click the name of the transfer you want to upload files to.
  5. Drag and drop files from your computer to the upload area, or click select Files.


The owner of the transfer request will receive the an email notifying them that files have been uploaded.