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Firmex permission guide (migrated projects)

Note: This article reflects the Groups functionality released in January 2016


This short guide outlines the key permissions available in Firmex. It can be printed and used as a quick reference when managing users and projects. The guide comes in two varieties:

New project guide vs. Migrated project guide

This guide you are currently reading is directed at Migrated projects - projects that were created before the introduction of Groups. In a migrated project, default permissions are set at the user level, not at the group level.
You may also view this guide for new projects

Unsure if your project is new or migrated? View the guide.

Project Role

Determines the areas of the project a user has access to. Set once per user per project.

Default Content Role

Determines how a user can manage folders, documents and versions. Default set once per user per project, then can be changed for directories, folders, and documents. 

Site Role

Determines the areas of the site a user has access to. Set once per user per site.

Document Protection

Determines a document’s behavior in the Firmex Viewer and if downloaded. Default is set once per user per project, and can be changed for directories and folders.

  • Disable Save
    Can view documents in Firmex Viewer, but cannot save.

  • Disable Print
    Cannot print documents from Firmex Viewer or print downloaded documents.

  • Expire Access
    Cannot view documents in Firmex Viewer or open downloaded documents after the expiry date.

  • Enforce Watermark
    Documents in Firmex Viewer and downloaded documents will contain a watermark.

  • Lock to Computer
    Can only view downloaded documents on the computer that was used to first open them.  Documents cannot be viewed if forwarded or shared.

Note: Some documents or versions cannot be protected, for example, certain file types like .zip or .exe, or documents uploaded with an existing password. Contact Firmex Support if you have questions about your documents.

Permission Icons

Icons provide additional information on permission rules and how they are set.

Icon  Rule 
  Default User Rule
Uses the user's Default Content Role for the project. 
  User Folder Rule
Rule for a folder and its contents for a specific user.
  User Document Rule
Rule for a document for a specific user.

Group Folder Rule
Rule for a folder and its contents for all users in a group. 


Group Document Rule
Rule for a document for all users in a group. 

  All Groups Folder Rule
Rule for a folder and its contents for all groups within the project.
  All Groups Document Rule
Rule for a document for all groups within the project.
  Document Protection cannot be applied to this document because it was updated with existing protection or password, or the file type cannot be protected.
  Interrupted View Path
User cannot access folder or document  because No Access has been set at a higher folder. 


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