I am not receiving emails from Firmex FileSend


A user has not received their initial Firmex FileSend invitation email containing their username and password, or an email from Firmex FileSend regarding a file share or request. Typically, multiple users from the same company are not receiving Firmex FileSend emails.


  1. Firmex FileSend emails are being marked as spam or junk by the user’s email program.
  2. Firmex FileSend's email domain (@firmexpostmaster.com) has been blocked by the company’s firewall.


Have the user check their spam/junk folder for the email

Have the user log in to their email program and check their spam and junk folder for an email from the sender filesend@firmexpostmaster.com. Mark the email as not spam.

Whitelist the @firmexpostmaster email domain

Have the user contact their IT administrator and ask that the domain @firmexpostmaster.com be allowed through the company firewall. This will unblock multiple users’ invitations.