Bulk Download (Java Download)

Required Software

To use the Java Download (Direct to Disk) download method, you will require the following:

Note: If you are using Google Chrome or you cannot install Java, consider using our Document Exchange for Desktop application or use the Zip Download method.


How to bulk download

Note: You can download the entire project by right-clicking the top-most folder. This download may be very large - consider downloading the project in parts (10 GB Maximum) by downloading subfolders instead.

  1. Right click the folder you would like to bulk download and choose Download. If you do not see the download option, see this article.
  2. Select Java Download and click Browse. We recommend saving the download to a folder in the root of your local hard drive (c:\) or as close to it as possible. This will mitigate the amount of truncation occurring due to long folder\file paths.
    If you see file path warnings when downloading, please see the troubleshooting section.
  3. Select additional Download Options (Optional) and click Download.
  4. Your download will appear in the Firmex DocExchange window, along with a progress bar. Note: if the DocExchange window does not appear, please see this article.
  5. Once completed, your download will contain:
    • The folder structure containing your documents
    • An exported index of your project (Table_of_Contents.xlsx)
    • An interactive web-page of your project (Table_of_Contents.html)
    • A folder entitled Html_files which contains the necessary files for the interactive web page

Tip: To ensure your documents are downloaded successfully, do not download directly to a shared, network, flash, or external drive. First download to your local hard drive (c:\), and then move or copy the download to your desired location. 



Warning Message: "The destination folder path is too long"

If you see this message, it's because the combined folder and file path is too long to be downloaded to your computer. Here are some best practices to avoid this issue:

  • When choosing the download location, select the root of your hard drive (c:\), rather than a location such as your desktop or network drive
  • If you're still receiving the warning message, try downloading the subfolders from one level below the main directory.


Message: "An identical download request is being processed. Please submit another request after it has been completed."

If you receive this message, it's because you've already requested an identical download that is processing. The progress of your download is shown in a separate window called the DocExchange. If you are not able to see the DocExchange window, it may be blocked by your browser's pop-up blocker. To manually open the window, click the open in new window icon at the bottom right of Firmex.

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