Activity reports

To view the activity of all transfers (received, sent, and expired)

On the left side of your Firmex File page, click All Activity.


Activity relating to all of your transfers is displayed.

To view the activity of a single transfer

  1. On the left side of your Firmex FileSend page, click Sent or Expired.
    Note: Your active transfers appear in Sent, while your expired transfers appear in Expired.
  2. Click the Name of the transfer.
  3. Click the Activity tab.


The activity of the transfer is displayed.

The activity information is only available to the owner of the transfer

Activity filters

Transfer activity may be filtered by using the activity and date pull-downs. You may also type in the search filter to filter the activity results.

Things to Note

  • If a transfer is set up to “Require User Authentication”, the name of the authenticated recipient will show up in the activity report. If a transfer is set up to not Require User Authentication, the activity will show up as “Unknown”.
  • The owner of a transfer - whether a File Request of a File Share - can see all activity relating to their transfers. Recipients can only see activity related to the owner sharing files with them.