Migration of your project to use the Seclore plug-in

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We at Firmex are pleased to be moving forward this summer with a single-plugin solution for managing the security of downloaded documents. Our new, single plugin solution will be the Seclore FileSecure Client. The Seclore plugin is an advanced protection tool that will simplify document security by letting you protect pdf and office documents with just one piece of software, while expanding the list of protection options that do not require a plugin.

As of your migration date, the EMC IRM and FileOpen plugins will no longer be the tools Firmex uses to protect your downloaded documents. For your site, this means that any projects that use either the FileOpen or EMC IRM plugins will switch their protection tool to Seclore. Here is what this migration means for your users.

As of your migration date

  • When a user tries to open a downloaded document presently protected by your legacy plugin.
    These documents will continue to be accessible in the short term. Legacy plugins are expected to be supported until the end of 2018. We will advise clients if this changes. Once legacy plugins cease being supported, downloaded plugin-protected documents will not be accessible, and must be downloaded again by your users.

  • When a user tries to download and open a plugin-protected document from your website.
    In order to download and open new protected documents, users will need to go to the Seclore plugin page and download Seclore FileSecure in order to open these documents.

  • When you add users to a new or existing project.
    If you wish to enforce the plugin-requiring Firmex features like Lock to Computer or Expire Access, users will need to install Seclore first in order to open their protected documents, just as they now need to install FileOpen or EMC IRM.

What Should I do Next?

If you have a busy project with many users downloading protected documents, we might recommend informing these users of the migration, so they are aware in advance of the change and your project is not interrupted.

The best way to convey this information is via a Project Welcome Message.

To post a welcome message:

  1. In your project, click the Settings tab.
  2. Click the Personalization tab.
  3. Enter the welcome message in the Welcome Message area.
  4. Click Save Changes.

We recommend the following message:

Please note that protected documents will need to be opened with the assistance of the Seclore FileSecure Client. You may download your copy of this software here (http://www.firmex.com/support/using-firmex/seclore/). If you have any problems, please contact Firmex’s 24/7 Support team at support@firmex.com

You are welcome to contact Firmex Client Services to discuss this and other issues related to the pending migration.

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