Ignored hidden documents


When uploading folders or documents using the Java uploader, the number of documents on a user's computer does not match the number of documents uploaded to the data room.


Firmex's Java uploader does not upload hidden files. Hidden files typically include the following:

  • .ds_store - an Apple OS file containing metadata
  • thumbs.db - a Windows OS file containing thumbnail metadata
  • desktop.ini - a Windows OS folder configuration file
  • Auto-save files generated by opened Office documents
  • Other hidden files that may be hidden by the user

If the user counts the number of files in a folder, the count includes these hidden files. Since Firmex's Java uploader does not upload these files, the total number of documents uploaded may not match the number of files on the user's computer.


In the majority of cases, hidden files - such as the ones listed above - are not intended for consumption in the data room. In addition, hidden files are not required for the end user to successfully review the data room files. 

To assist users with identifying and counting ignored documents, the Java uploader will show a count of system files that will not be uploaded. When documents are selected in the Java uploader, the system will display the message "4 system files will not be uploaded", where 4 is the number of hidden files that will be ignored. 

In addition, the Java Console will display the names of the files that will not be uploaded. For help, please contact Firmex Client Services.

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