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I can't change a company name


When editing a user in a project, the Company field cannot be changed.


A user may be involved in multiple projects on your site with different company-based permissions. For this reason, company names cannot be changed in the project user list, they can only be changed in the site user list.


Only site administrators - not project administrators - can change a company name by accessing the site user list.

If you are not a site administrator

Please contact Firmex Support with the user's name and correct company name so that we can make the change for you.

If you are a site administrator

Please follow these steps to change the company name of the user:

  1. Click the logo at the top left corner of your Firmex site to access the Project List
  2. Click the Users tab (this is the site user list)
  3. Click the name of the user whose company name you’d like to change
  4. Change the Company name and click Save

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