Bulk download using the Document Exchange for Desktop

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The Document Exchange for Desktop may be used as a bulk download tool if Bulk Download has been enabled by the project's administrator. If you are an Administrator and you'd like to enable bulk download, please see this article.


How to bulk download

Note: You can download the entire project by selecting the top-most folder and selecting Download. This download may be very large - Firmex recommends downloading the project in parts (10 GB maximum) by downloading subfolders instead.

  1. Download the Firmex Document Exchange for Desktop, and log in to the application.
  2. From the left-hand side, select a folder to download. Then, click the Download button.
    Note: If your cursor turns to a red cross-through when you hover your mouse over the Download button, the bulk download feature is turned off for the project. Contact the project administrator for access.
  3. In the Download Options window, select a destination for your download. Choose the root of your hard drive (e.g. C:\ drive) for the best results without truncation. Then, click Download.
  4. When the progress bar reaches a status of Complete, your bulk download is ready. Access it by going to the destination folder.




Warning Message: "The destination folder path is too long"

If you see this message, it's because the combined folder and file path is too long to be downloaded to your computer. Here are some best practices to avoid this issue:

    • When choosing the download location, choose the root of your hard drive (c:\), rather than a location such as your desktop or network drive
    • If you're still receiving the warning message, try downloading the subfolders from one level below the main directory.


Warning Message: “An identical download request is being processed. Please submit another request after it has been completed.”

If you receive this message, it's because you've already requested an identical download that is processing. The progress of your download can be monitored by clicking on view transfers at the bottom left of the application.


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