What is the Document Exchange for Desktop?

Available for Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X, Document Exchange for Desktop offers users an alternative way to upload and download large quantities of folders and documents to the data room.

Features include:

  • Supports uploads and downloads larger than 3GB
  • Ability to pause and resume an upload or download at anytime
  • No need for a HTML5 compliant web browser or Java to be installed
  • Upload and download from your desktop

The tool is available for all users and comes as an executable file downloadable from the data room’s Tools area. If you do not see the Tools icon, simply type 'desktoptool' at the end of the web address (ex. example.firmex.com/desktoptool).

Once installed, launch the application, log in, pick your project, then select the folders and documents you wish to upload, and drag-and-drop them onto the Document Exchange window. When the upload is complete the files will automatically display in the Firmex Data Room. Alternatively, to download files, open the Document Exchange, select the folder(s) you wish to download and click Download.

Why would I use this?

Useful for Content Contributors with large uploads or downloads who cannot use the current Very Large Uploads or Direct to Disk download functions that require Java, as well as for everyday Mac users.

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