I see a blank screen in Adobe Reader / Acrobat


When you try to open a PDF document, Adobe Reader or Acrobat opens with a blank screen.


The PDF you are trying to open contains document protection that requires you to install a plug-in.


  1. Determine which plug-in you need to install
    You either need to install the Seclore Plug-in or the FileOpen plug-ins.
    To determine which plug-in you need to install, please contact the project’s Administrator or Firmex Support.
  2. Install the correct plug-ins
    Before installation, please close all Adobe and Microsoft Office products.
Download the Seclore Lite for PDF and Office plug-in (Mac users, click here)
Download the FileOpen plug-in (Mac users, click here)

Note: You may need your IT administrator to install the plug-in for you.

Once the correct plug-ins are installed, the file should open. If it does not, please contact Firmex Support.

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