Where is the Firmex login page?

There are two ways to login to Firmex.

  1. Access all your Firmex sites by going to www.firmex.com and click the login button, or go to login.firmex.com.

    • Once you enter your email and password you will see a list of sites you have access to. Click Enter Site to access a site. The Site List is ranked by most recent access date.
  2. Alternatively, each Firmex Site has it’s own unique, branded web address such as https://companyname.firmex.com. To find your login page:
    • Go to your email program and look for an invitation from Firmex containing the subject “You are invited to”. You can also search for emails from @firmexpostmaster.com.
    • In the email, click on the Site link and you will be brought to the Firmex login page.



If you don’t see an invitation in your email program, check your spam or junk mail folders. If you still don’t see your invitation, please ask your IT to whitelist the @firmexpostmaster.com domain. Once completed, the administrator of the data room will need to re-send you your invitation.

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