In addition to Search, Firmex offers two ways of quickly finding the information you are looking for:

Quick View

A Quick View is a listing of documents and folders in a project. Quick Views may be sorted and filtered, giving you quick access to the information you want to see. .

How Quick View Filters Work

From the Documents tab, under the Document Sharing or Due Diligence heading, click Quick View. There are three Quick View filters available to every user:

  • All
    Lists all documents in the project that the user has access to.
  • New
    Lists newly uploaded documents since the user’s last login.
  • Unread Documents
    Lists documents the user has not yet read.
  • New Since
    Lists all documents added to the project within a date range. 



Why would I use this?

Quick Views offer an overview of all the documents in a project, regardless of their folder location. You may find it useful to browse through documents and folders in this way, getting a sense of the number and types of documents in the project. 


Filtering for folders and documents is a fast way of finding the information you want, while staying in the Documents tab.

To filter for an item, start typing in the Filter Folder or Filter Document area. Your results will begin to display as you type. Click a result to jump to the document or folder.


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